Akron            NAWIC

The Chapter hosted our second Girls Scout "Build it Like a Girl" week at the local Girl Scout Camp.  

  • The girls visited Hasenstab Architects and learned about the process of developing the drawings for the bench they would build.      
  • They toured the Akron Children's Hospital addition under construction.
  • Monday afternoon they sawed wood, dug post holes and set the posts in concrete.
  • Tuesday the girls worked on a sanding and nailing wood project.   Later in the day they listened to a presentation on construction finance.
  • Wednesday the girls completed the bench.   Chapter members meet with them in the evening to discuss what we did for work and judge their building block projects
  • Thursday  the girls toured construction sites and a local woman owned business.
  • Friday the girls showed off their bench to their families and received their own tool boxes so they can keep Building Like a Girl.