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February General Meeting      February 14, 2018    

Dealing with Unexpected Events and Unanticipated Conditions on your Construction Project

Construction projects seldom proceed as planned.  Unexpected events and unanticipated conditions frequently occur beyond those the parties may have contemplated when they signed the initial contract.  These events and conditions may affect the contractor’s ability to complete the project as planned and result in either or both parties seeking an adjustment to the agreed contract time, cost, or other requirements.  These types of adjustments or changes to the contract may include modifications in scope, additions or deletions of work, corrections or revisions to plans and specifications, and extensions of the project schedule.   Owners, Contractors, and other project participants need to understand the difference between real and perceived changes and how to document these changes and avoid disputes.

Presented by NAWIC Member Catherine McCain,  Brennan, Manna & Diamond, LLC 


Special Presentation on the renovation of the  Julie Billart School by Tom Walker, Hasenstab Architects    


MEETING & DINNER:  -  SANEO Office     637 Vernon Odom Blvd.   Akron, OH 44307     Catered Dinner*, $15.00   

5:30 networking,   6:00 Dinner,   6:30 Speaker     

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March General Meeting           

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